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21 first lines meme, stolen from everyone, and most recently, [ profile] nympha_alba. First lines from the 21 most recent things I've written and posted.

So, I have discovered that my first lines tend to be rather... short. :P

1. Most parents give their child a used, beaten-up car for their 21st birthday.
2. When Arthur was twelve years old, he developed a rather unfortunate crush on Morgana.
3. Uther's second wife, the Lady Catrina, was vain, conceited, moneyhungry, and incredibly opinionated and Arthur could not abide the sight of her.
4. It doesn't snow in downtown Los Angeles.
5. The steady thumpa-thumpa of the music pounds like a heartbeat in Arthur's chest and he's made of nothing but pure euphoria: it seeps into his blood, his nerves, his muscles.
6. Merlin waits.
7. It's late when Arthur gets home, trying his hardest to turn the key in the lock quietly, but he's a little drunk and though he's careful not to slam the door behind him, and he takes his shoes off to avoid the tap-tap sound on the tiles, it doesn't stop him colliding with the bedroom wall and making a loud "oof" noise.
8. Arthur is drunk the first time it happens.
9. Merlin looks unbelievably hot like this: his head thrown back, his fingers twisting in the rug underneath him.
10. He's far too thin really.
11. It isn't that Arthur's jealous.
12. He has the worst pick-up lines that Merlin's heard in 5000 years or more, worse than Gwaine even, which is saying something.
13. Merlin dreams in vivid colour.
14. Gwaine loves women.
15. For someone who prides himself on being annoyingly cheerful no matter what the situation, Merlin is exceedingly moody.
16. Bradley isn't bent.
17. Colin was thirteen the first time he fell in love.
18. Arthur Pendragon is used to getting what he wants.
19. Sometimes, Merlin thinks, it would be easier if he had never met Arthur.
20. Bradley hates being the one to wake up first.
21. This is what it starts with: a screen-test.
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