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Okay, so this is actually super-hard for me to write as this weekend was honestly one of the best experiences of my LIFE and words are not coming to me easily - but for you all I will try.

[ profile] alby_mangroves, [ profile] vileseagulls and I all splurged on Excalibur passes for Supanova. This allowed us priority queuing to purchase tokens for autographs and photos, priority queuing to redeem said tokens, seating in the front four rows for the panels, our own exclusive panel and a photo with all four of the knights. It was, quite simply, the best $280 I have ever spent.

I have been to Supanova before and had a really annoying experience with queuing. This time there was none of that (except for the group photo, but even that was minimal compared to the queuing we would have had with a standard ticket.

So anyway, the boys.

Friday night we queued up and got all the tokens for Alby and ourselves, because her flight was getting in late. Getting the tokens then meant all we had to do the next day was rock up to the line and queue - so much easier! It didn't take long for us to get the tokens at all and then we went and settled in for the Knights Q and A. This was a panel with Eoin, Tom and Rupert. I actually loved that they did this panel themselves without Bradley because it allowed them to see that there was a lot of love for the three of them and their characters.

Eoin was EXACTLY as I had imagined him to be - but later on in the weekend I discovered that he is a very sensitive, artistic soul and just a really beautiful person inside and out. But I digress, he was very Gwaine-like in the panel, swearing and flirting and such. For anyone who is following him on Twitter, he has been journeying with a Smurf soft toy and a girl from the audience gifted him with a Koala stuffed toy to be the smurf's companion. More on that later.

Tom Hopper is like a Greek god. Surprise surprise, right? But he is also FUCKING HILARIOUS. The things that boy does with his face, I would love to see him doing comedy because he would be PERFECT at it. He and Eoin are so obviously close, because they just have this symbiosis that is hilarious to behold.

Rupert Young is also an absolute laugh-riot. He's intelligent, quick-witted and very very sarcastic. And his voice. Guh. I could listen to it for hours.

Seriously, they are all just the best.

The Q and A was full of the usual inane questions, but there was a very cringe-making moment that turned kinda awesome. This very awkward girl got up and asked Tom and Eoin to re-enact the death scene with Tom "gently holding Eoin" ughhhhh I was squirming in my seat. HOWEVER. Tom had the idea of re-enacting it with the soft toys and put on the most hilarious voice for Percival. Eoin tried his best, but he was clearly embarrassed and dying of laughter and had to stop.

So Tom basically saved the panel and luckily the girl sat down and hopefully IS LOOKING AT HER LIFE AND HER CHOICES.

Oh and I asked Tom a question regarding his problems finding a reasonable 6-egg omelette in Sydney (mentioned on Twitter), which prompted some ribbing from Eoin and Rupert, so I was very happy.

We then had enough time to meet Alby at the airport and I cannot even express just how wonderful she is. Suffice to say I did consider kidnapping her at the end of the weekend so she never had to leave our couch.
:((( We stayed up till 2am drinking red wine and eating chocolate and watching Merlin and One Direction fanvids and just flailing all over the place.

So that was Friday! More to come when I can actually construct words about Bradley James and his face.
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