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So three and a half hours sleep later, we all got up and spent an hour or so drinking coffee and getting ready whilst watching Merlin vids and trying not to FREAK THE FUCK OUT knowing that in just a few hours we would be meeting Bradley and the knights. To our credit, we actually managed to eat breakfast and get on the train in time.

By the time we got to the venue, the grey sky had turned into actual rain which didn't let up ALL FUCKING DAY. Being as I had spent money on making my hair look as fabulous as possible and we neglected to bring an umbrella, it was a freaking miracle that I managed to escape looking like a drowned rat.

Bradley's photo opps started at 10.30 and F and I had made the executive decision to pack all our photos into the Saturday morning and get them out of the way. There were several reasons for this - mostly to do with splitting the days in a logical way (photos on Saturday, autos on Sunday) but also we kinda knew the photos would be a much more nervewracking experience. The proximity is so very close and it's really hard to maintain composure, so getting them over and done was a decision I am REALLY HAPPY ABOUT.

See, here's the thing with me. I am VERY easily starstruck. I get giddy meeting pretty much anyone - a lot of it is that as an actor, I tend to get very enthusiastic when meeting other actors in general, let alone people I actually respect. Also? People are ALWAYS BETTER LOOKING IN PERSON. I remember seeing Hugh Jackman in person and being absolutely floored at how attractive he was (not that he is a slouch onscreen, but it's just so much more so in person.)

However! I was actually feeling really chilled about it. I thought that maybe because I've been playing in another fandom that I wasn't quite as enthusiastic as I might have been a few months ago. But I think it was mostly that I was so sleep-deprived that I felt ill, and getting nervous/excited was a physical impossibility.

That was until we were standing in line and BRADLEY FUCKING JAMES WALKED PAST US ON HIS WAY TO THE PHOTOBOOTH. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I started hyperventilating and TRYING NOT TO CRY. I think the only reason I was able to not sob was that F kept saying "THINK OF YOUR MAKE-UP" over and over. He was so fucking gorgeous it was almost unreal and yeah, so anyway composure was over. Probably the worst part of that happening right then and there was that we were very close to the head of the line so I knew that I would be actually meeting him in a few minutes time and I had to at least attempt to hold it together.

Tbh, the whole photo thing was a bit of a blur. I did not remember to smell him (sorry, Des but Alby totes did because she is much more awesome than me) but I walked in and he asked my name and his voice ASLSKDFJ;ASLKDJSL;KDFJ;L JFC I DIE and he shook my hand and said he was pleased to meet me and then he said "Shall we do this?" and I was all shaky and trying to cover it up and my response was "Yeah, let's do this thing." There is no way he would not have felt how much I was shaking because I was like a leaf and my heart was racing so fast and ;alkdjlakdjl I was not coping well. But the photo actually came out really beautifully and he was all warm and he squeezed my shoulder and... yes. So that happened. I feel like at least my face looked normal until I walked away and began making dolphin noises and gaping and DYING OF BRADLEY FEELS.

I think we got into line pretty much straight away for Eoin, IIRC. Or was that when we went and sat outside, ladies? I can't remember, it really was such a blur. Anyway, Eoin was wearing stupid shorts and had his smurf in his pocket and he was SO EFFING GORGEOUS. F and I had purchased separate photos with Bradley and dual photos with the others (because at $40 a pop each it would have been too exhorbitant otherwise) and what happened next is what shall from henceforth be described as the BOOB PUNCHING INCIDENT.

Getting into position for our pic with Eoin (whose accent is to DIE FOR saying mine and F's names) as he was putting his arms around us he punched me (very lightly) in the boob, he went "Oh my God, I punched you in the tit! I'm so sorry!" and I laughed and said it was fine, and he added "I wasn't trying to sexually harrass you, honest!" but when the picture got taken, he and I are both trying desperately not to piss ourselves laughing. He was all "Ugh, I can't believe I did that" and I promised him that I wouldn't tweet about it. Apparently Tom was standing in the corner pissing himself laughing. I was really glad it happened though, because it broke the tension and we all had a laugh, which was AWESOME.

Next was the photo with Tom and when he asked us our names I said "I was the one Eoin punched in the boob" and he was all "Hahaha and how was it for you?" To which I replied "Interesting" and he said "Well yes, come to Supanova and get punched in the boob by Eoin Macken. Very interesting!" And then we huddled in and took the picture. Can I just say that man is a WALL OF FUCKING MUSCLE. JESUS. Like, it is literally like being pushed into a brick wall - and him I did smell, because I was basically right under his armpit. He smelled REALLY GOOD - really nice aftershave and... yes.

Rupert was our last photo before the group photo and he was LOVELY. They all are very good with the asking your name and making eye contact, but this is a man who REALLY looks into your eyes and seems to really take you in. He also has a VERY firm handshake and seemed absolutely delighted when I said "Ah-ha, the REAL star of Merlin." When we were done he told F and I that it was "lovely" to meet us and y'know, it's the little things. They don't have to be so damn nice with everyone, but they ARE and I am just so charmed by all of them.

Then it was the group photo and the adrenaline started going again because all four of them together? LDJAFASLDKFJAS;L HELP. I walked in and was getting into place between Eoin and Bradley and I cheekily covered my boobs and said to Eoin "Be careful now" and Eoin blushed a little and said "You're never going to let me live it down, are you?" then Bradley suddenly looked VERY interested and said "Did he punch you in the boob?" and when I replied that yes he had, Bradley said to me "He is VERY sexually aggressive. Would you like a bit of Irish in you?" OH. MY. GOD. I was stunned and giggling and... then the photo got taken. I told Bradley that was very mean and he said "Hmmm. Was a bit mean." and grinned. AND I DIED FIFTY MILLION TIMES OVER. It wasn't until later when F said "Do you realise that Bradley James was flirting with you?" that I realised that YES OKAY THAT WAS QUITE FLIRTATIOUS AND SUGGESTIVE. HOW DID I NOT FAINT???!!! Also? Yes Bradley, please pimp Eoin out to me some more kplzthx.

They were all running late for the panel at this point so we hightailed it over there. It was a pretty short panel and the questions were pretty boring and/or cringemaking (surprise, surprise.) I did ask Bradley a question though and there was more shaking and blushing and such. I said to him that there was an episode in S1 (The Mark Of Nimueh) where it felt to me almost as if Arthur knew that Merlin had magic and was that subtext that he was playing - he said he wasn't and that it was very important that Arthur remain oblivious hence the being knocked out a lot. I still say that line reading says differently though and I didn't specifically mention the scene so he might have thought I meant generally, I think.

So anyway, that was the end of Saturday for us. We headed home in the TORRENTIAL rain and cold and hung out on the couch drinking warm cider and Merlin blurays and recharged for another day of awesomeness on Sunday.
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