Comic-Con: many fandoms, much wow

Jul. 22nd, 2017 01:16 pm
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I know some people don't get why tumblr is awesome, but I think it's awesome because on San Diego Comic-Con weekend, it's really an all-fandom all-points-bulletin for tons and tons of fannish news. So far this weekend I have reblogged full con panel videos from The Walking Dead, Shadowhunters, and Legion. I've posted interviews and Q&As with The Defenders and J2 +Misha Collins. I've reblogged photos from Justice League, Blade Runner 2049, and Ready Player One, and shots of the cast from Arrow, Supergirl, Justice League, Kingsman, etc. I've reblogged pics of covetable merch, new posters, excellent cosplayers, and oh right, then there are the trailers.

I love fandom so much sometimes. :)

Art (Wonder Woman)

Jul. 19th, 2017 09:18 pm
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Title: Bulletproof
Artist: [personal profile] goss
Rating: G
Fandom: DCU, Wonder Woman (2017)
Characters/Pairings: Diana
Content Notes: This is a quick one, sketched with pencil. Don't have the time to do a proper watercolour painting job as yet. So in the mean time, I've added some digital tinting in Photoshop, as well as played around with the lighting. I actually like the results. ^___^

Created for the [community profile] drawesome Weekly Challenge #3: Song Lyric Prompt. Inspired by Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia (Ricochet, you take your aim, fire away...).


Click here for entire artwork )
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  1. Google No - DuckDuckGo

    So I saw via Tumblr this week that Google did this sneaky thing where they have quietly dropped the ban on personally identifiable web tracking. Meaning: Until now, Google collected your data, but did not attach your name to it. Now, they can, and will. O_O

    There are helpful instructions at the link on how to opt out of this, which I went ahead and followed. Furthermore, I decided to make DuckDuckGo my default search engine, since its main feature is that it is a Non-Tracking search engine.

  2. Stay Motivated

    Here's an article (via [personal profile] umadoshi) on How to Stay Motivated in an era of stupidity, which is worth the read, especially as artists and creators in fandom. We could all benefit from reminding ourselves that the act of creating has merit and value to ourselves and each other, now more than ever.

  3. Art Challenges

    • Defenders Big Bang:
      Have to remember to get started on this one! Art is due on 1st August. I was holding out to read the author's completed story, but since I have an idea of what direction I want to go in from the initial draft, I think I'm going to go ahead and start on the artwork this week.

    • Weekly Challenge #3 - Song Lyric:
      This week's prompt at [community profile] drawesome is a Lyric from one of your favourite songs. I got Wonder Woman (2017) on my mind, and there are so many songs on my playlist that make me think of her bravery, strength of character, and general awesomeness. I am fangirling that movie SO HARD, so this is the perfect incentive to do a bit of WW fanart.

    Disney Parks news from D23

    Jul. 15th, 2017 04:32 pm
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    Disney is its own fandom, and OMG there are AMAZING things happening. As I said on tumblr, Disney is about to back trucks up to the parks and shower money on them, because some of our wildest dreams are happening. Including the one I predicted long ago. *g*

    cutting to spare those who don't care, but a list of the confirmed changes is behind this cut )

    WELL. This is a great day to be a Disney Parks fan. Meanwhile, I have reblogged lots of Infinity War and Star Wars stuff on tumblr, too, as have 1 million others. If you like that stuff but you aren't hanging out there today, you might be missing out just a little. (Unless you're not into squee, capslock and keysmashing; then you're good.)

    A poll about AO3 norms

    Jul. 13th, 2017 06:24 pm
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    I anonymized it for your truth-telling convenience. I'm just curious, really; these are things I've been wondering about, so why not ask?

    Poll #18575 AO3 norms, part 1
    This poll is anonymous.
    Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 82

    I've heard that a 'good rate of return' is considered to be one comment per 100 hits. Your thoughts on this number?

    View Answers

    12 (16.7%)

    60 (83.3%)

    Which is the most valuable fannish currency for your story in order to attract readers?

    View Answers

    40 (56.3%)

    11 (15.5%)

    4 (5.6%)

    10 (14.1%)

    Tumblr reblogs
    6 (8.5%)

    Do you ever read bookmarks to see the comments people put there even though they haven't commented on your story itself?

    View Answers

    49 (67.1%)

    7 (9.6%)

    People do that??
    17 (23.3%)

    Tell the truth: which method do you personally use when you want to read fic in a new fandom?

    View Answers

    Sort stories by pairing or characters, then by kudos
    43 (53.8%)

    Sort stories by pairing or characters, then by comments
    9 (11.2%)

    Sort by pairing or character, then by bookmarks
    7 (8.8%)

    Sort by pairing or character, then by hit count
    7 (8.8%)

    I use other tags to sort and I will explain in comments
    14 (17.5%)

    I have the hit counts turned off on my stories.

    View Answers

    6 (8.5%)

    65 (91.5%)

    I wish AO3 had an option to turn off the kudos button.

    View Answers

    7 (9.3%)

    68 (90.7%)

    I wish AO3 had an option to turn off the comments on a story, not just moderate them.

    View Answers

    15 (20.5%)

    58 (79.5%)

    Freeform tumblr-style tags suck and should not be allowed.

    View Answers

    36 (46.8%)

    41 (53.2%)

    How do you use tags the most?

    View Answers

    To find things I want to read
    47 (57.3%)

    To avoid things I don't want to read
    15 (18.3%)

    To sort or filter things
    9 (11.0%)

    As red flags to warn me off immature writers
    10 (12.2%)

    As green lights to find things that are funny or delightful
    1 (1.2%)

    Which of the following is the most irritating to you as a reader?

    View Answers

    Failing to warn properly
    3 (3.7%)

    Putting the wrong indicator on a story (gen when it's m/m)
    9 (11.0%)

    Super-long summaries which explain the story for you
    3 (3.7%)

    Super-long notes or footnotes
    2 (2.4%)

    Fics without proper spacing or paragraph breaks
    30 (36.6%)

    Fics without proper dialog punctuation
    9 (11.0%)

    Self-deprecating author's notes
    8 (9.8%)

    'Comment and I might write more haha'
    18 (22.0%)

    Last question: what do you discern from the order of pairings listed on the story?

    View Answers

    I assume all the pairings listed will be in the story, period
    42 (51.2%)

    I assume the most important/primary pairing is listed first in order
    54 (65.9%)

    I don't assume; I check notes to see if there's guidance about it
    9 (11.0%)

    I assume there could be a mix of past and present pairings for any given listed pairings
    27 (32.9%)

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    I wanted to read this story, but it didn't exist, so I wrote 8,600 words of it. And then I rewrote it so it was Homecoming-compliant. And now here we are, in the handbasket.

    100-Point Restoration (8691 words) by Destina
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Captain America (Movies), Iron Man (Movies)
    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Peter Parker/Tony Stark
    Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, James Rhodes, Ned Leeds, May Parker (Spider-Man), Jarvis (Iron Man movies), Karen (Spider-Man: Homecoming)
    Additional Tags: First Kiss, Future Fic, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Hurt/Comfort

    Tony needs a happiness upgrade; Peter wants Tony. These goals might be compatible. (This story is set roughly five years post-Homecoming.)

    What are the odds that I'd write two MCU stories and they'd both be (different) rare pairs?? Or that the unfinished third one will be, too?


    Jul. 10th, 2017 04:26 pm
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    So Teen Wolf fandom is having a meltdown over the new trailer for the final episodes of Season-whatever. Apparently Tyler Hoechlin is back! Derek and Stiles might actually be in the same room together? IS THIS THE REAL LIFE??

    Trailer on YouTube )

    I stopped watching when they killed off Erica, Boyd and Allison on Season 3, but never left the fandom. My shippy heart is stuck on Sterek for life. ♥____♥ THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!! \o/ ...Actually, no - it's probably going to SUCK :b , and Stiles and Derek might only share screen-time for those 3 seconds shown in the trailer:

    But who cares?? Fandom will come through! I am already anticipating AO3 being flooded with fix-it fic, and whole epics being written around those 3 seconds of interaction. :D :D :D

    Art (Captain Flint - Black Sails)

    Jul. 10th, 2017 12:13 am
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    [personal profile] goss
    Title: Me A Monster
    Artist: [personal profile] goss
    Rating: G
    Fandom: Black Sails
    Characters/Pairings: Captain Flint
    Content Notes: Drawn and shaded with watercolour pencils, with watercolour paint applied to the background. Created for the [community profile] drawesome Weekly Challenge #2 (Word Prompt: Villainous).

    Title taken from a particularly memorable line by Captain Flint: "They took everything from us. Then they call me a monster?". I find the show's examination of good guy/bad guy, and its running theme of "heroic" characters carrying out villainous actions, to be quite fascinating.


    Click here for entire artwork )

    Mail | Icon | Crafty

    Jul. 9th, 2017 10:29 am
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    1. Mail!

      Thanks for the awesome Doctor Who themed postcards, [personal profile] misbegotten! I looooove them. ^___^

    2. Icon

      I saw this pair of pretty amazing gifs (from the animated Avengers Assemble tv series, I think) via Tumblr the other day... Steve Rogers: Artist in Despair )

      ...and could not pass up the chance to make myself an icon. It is quite literally /o\ . Hee.

    3. Craft Project: Class gifts

      I found this really great idea on Pinterest for gifting my class with an End of the Academic Year token: a Student Survival Kit. It's a collection of items like pen, eraser, paperclips, etc., but with a little meaning behind each one. Here are 2 pics showing the gift bags I made up for each student, with the items listed in the front: 2 Photos: Student Survival Kit )

      I decided to add my own spin to it, and make it a cute, interactive, bonding experience for the class. The really special part had to do with the last item: the puzzle piece (To know that you are an important part of the picture). I found an inspirational poster online, and Photoshopped in some stars, the class name, and an overlay of a puzzle template. Printed on bristol board, cut out the puzzle pieces, labelled each one with a student's name and added the individual pieces to their gift bags.

      And then waited for them to open up their bags, find the puzzle piece and then slowly realise it might be part of a larger picture. I sat back and enjoyed watching them scramble to get together and contribute all their pieces, eager to solve it. Delight at seeing their class name form and touched by the message. There were lots of Awwwww's and sentimental mush. LOL. It was a nice moment, and worth the lack of sleep and painstaking work of cutting all those puzzle pieces the night before. :b

      Photo: Class Jigsaw Puzzle )


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