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Had a great time at [ profile] sinpozium. Two days of fangirling, slash pictionary, fandom pimps, lively discussions and new friends. I think I enjoyed today the most, actually! The discussion around porn and fanfic tropes was wonderful, and I particularly enjoyed [ profile] erilyn's pimp of The Sentinel, I laughed my arse off.

Looking forward to checking out a bunch of new shows and vids. Exciting stuff!

If anyone is interested in the Merlin/Arthur vidshow I presented, it's uploading right now and I'll be posting in a bit.

F and I are watching The Faculty right now, and Jon Stewart is in it. I haven't seen the film in years and when I realised it was him? I NEARLY DIED.
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People on my flist are posting about Castle and it always take me a minute to realise that it is not [ profile] kick_flaw's brilliant Arthur/Merlin D/s fic and is actually that show with Nathan Fillion in it. Oops.

I've been ill the last couple of days, but am venturing a trip out this evening to see the preview of my friend's play. Hopefully I won't fall over :)
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Have been mostly offline for a WEEK due to my Mum visiting for Easter, and it's been a lovely time, but I have missed you guys and fandom like crazy.

Looking forward to getting onto my Big Bang again, am a little worried that not writing in a week will mean I lost the flow I had. My fic is now over 33k though, which is officially way longer than any other fic I've ever written.

And speaking of fic stuff

Name one of my fics in the comments and I will tell you what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the characters' heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

Only Merlin and Merlin RPF fic, though, I haven't written SPN in at least two years and I'm really not feeling it.

And on that subject? Every day is defriending amnesty in these parts. If you're only keeping me around because of the fandom we shared, please don't hesitate to cut me. I can promise there will be no hard feelings <3


Feb. 15th, 2011 10:26 am
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I had the most godawful migraine yesterday, and I'm still recovering today. Feeling headaachey and nauseous and so so tired.

Thanks to all you lovely people who commented on the fic yesterday. I may take a while to respond to comments as my head feels like mush right now, but I will get to responding when I can :)

Happy V Day to those who are not in my timezone ♥


Feb. 9th, 2011 09:25 pm
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Worked tonight from 4pm till 8pm. I could get used to those hours, I think. It's rather lovely to have the whole day to do stuff and then go to work and still be home at a reasonable hour. I was $40 short of getting my commission tonight, though. BOO.

Think I will have a drink and then throw myself into writing.

Hope you are all doing fabulously. <3
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I swear the longer I go between updates the harder it is for me to post here.

Work is still crazy busy, and every minute of the day I am trying to focus on the impending holiday (5 weeks OMG) and not think about how completely soul-crushing my job is. Time for a career change next year, methinks.

And related to work stress, I managed to get sick again. This puts a distinct damper on my exercise regime, dammit.

Oh, and just chiming in with what everyone else is saying? Please do not crosspost anything of mine to Twitter or Facebook. My Facebook is completely seperate from fandom for a reason, I have a lot of family on there, and I don't think they need to know about my incestuous porn ;-)
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So if anyone missed it, I posted fic last night.

Unfortunately, most of my flist will not be interested in reading it ;)

However, if any of you have been watching The Vampire Diaries and are appreciating the hotness that is Damon/Stefan and their not-at-all-obvious incestuous vampireness, you might want to check out the community that [ profile] thenyxie and I are co-modding: [ profile] salvatoreslash.

On the agenda for today is a rewatch of TVD and SPN (OMG SO FUCKING AMAZING ASKJDHKLASDJLAKJDSKLA), and catching up on Glee and Dollhouse. I may also attempt to finish the Dean/Jared pwp so I can write the Sam/Lucifer fic that is ruminating.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand it's a gorgeous day outside. Happy Saturday/Sunday people!


Sep. 19th, 2009 06:56 am
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Seriously, three weeks of stress and now we finally have both a landline and broadband. I was almost starting to believe it would never happen!

And YAY our furniture arrives today. Well, one order out of two, anyway. We have been using foldout chairs for the last three weeks, and my patience for that has been waning SIGNIFICANTLY. Yay couch! And cabinets! And table and chairs!

Haven't watched last night's episode yet, as I was falling asleep when i got home last night, but we have that, plus Sons of Anarchy, and 1287361279361987319 other shows (Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Fringe and many others) downloaded to watch when Frances gets up.

The weather has been INSANELY hot this week. Man, this is Spring? I am dreading Summer. I think the next purchase should be fans for the lounge and bedroom.

In other news, I have decided to participate in The Fall Fandom Free-for-All. For some reason I am WAY more inspired to write this season (based on last week's episode, anyway). Probably a lot to do with being settled and what have you, but also the Sam/Dean angst is pushing all my buttons, and I managed to sit down and write 500 words last weekend. That may not seem like much, but for me? It's definitely an improvement.

Oh and my thread is here, if anyone is so inclined :)

It's so good to be back! *hugs flist*


Jul. 14th, 2009 07:38 am
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Well here I am making my regular OMG I HAVE NOT POSTED FOREVER POST.

Work has gone from manageable to in-freaking-sane. I don't even have time to breathe, let alone keep up with lj and Twitter. So I am skimming like whoa and probably missing things :(

So anyway, this is me saying that if I haven't been in touch with you? I am really sorry, and please don't think it's because I don't care anymore, I am just far too distracted by rl responsibilities.

I do miss a whole heap of you very much.

Aaaaaaaaanyway. Enough of the Y pityparty. I just wanted to post and update y'all on the state of me, because the longer I go without posting, the harder it gets, and I need to attempt to get back in the habit because I MISS YOU.

In other news, Sel and I watched 4x19 last night. Guh. Boys with guns, Tiedupandhurt!Sam, Snarky!Dean, and man, such a sad story for Adam. Was sooooo weird watching with ACTUAL adbreaks, though!

Things to look forward to this week: Harry Potter, cocktails tomorrow night with my lovely boss, new haircut/colour tonight, steak with the girls this weekend and LEVERAGE!

So how are YOU doing?

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Seacrest and Cowell need to GET A ROOM.

Holy hell.

In other news? Comment porning with [ profile] deirdre_c is the funnest way to spend a weekend. Just sayin'. :D


Jan. 22nd, 2009 07:15 am
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FOURTEEN pages of Big Bang signups already? O.o

June is going to be a VERY busy month. Wow.

In me news, I am going to sit down and attempt to force myself to write this weekend. I could not for the life of me write current canon SPN, but I do have a very long pre-series/season one fic that is sitting languishing, and I have a few J2 ideas, so... we'll see.

I finally paid for my extra userpics (they'd run out in December), and I see this as a sign as me being invested in fandom again, after my sabbatical. I think I just needed a break. :)

Work continues to be horrible, but knowing I am working for money to move to Sydney in April? That makes it all better somehow.

So how are y'all? I would like to take this opportunity to smish each and every one of you
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So I think my writing mojo has returned. Thank GOD.

I seriously haven't felt confident since Big Bang, and was starting to get seriously worried that I would never finish a story again. But last night I finished the first draft of my fic for [ profile] spn_remix, and I have about three pages of story notes for the post 3x16-4x01 and beyond Samcentric fic I am working on, and I'm really excited about it.

After this is done maybe I can get back to the pre-series to mid season one epic that is one third done (wordcount is around 13K at present).


Jul. 14th, 2008 08:00 pm
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My brain doesn't love me.

I am SUPPOSED to be working on the next part of the hookerverse, so OF COURSE I get hit with a damn Dean POV coda to my Big Bang in the middle of the workday from hell. OF COURSE.

And then there's the pre-series fic that grew out of the three canon facts meme (Thanks a fucking lot, Clex :P)that is threatening to be LONG.

Maybe I'm completely burned out on writing J2 just like I feared. *sigh*

On the upside... Sam and Dean! \o/
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Instead of talking about my week (because I feel like all I have done lately is bitch and moan), I should mention that the highlight of my day was walking past Motherfucking Peter Jackson at lunchtime on Lambton Quay. I was all flaily. I still think he looks weird thin, though :(

Three-day weekend, woohoo! My girl is visiting her Mum for the weekend, so I will be editing my Big Bang, drinking, viewing several hours of television and movies, drinking, reading fic, drinking, maybe doing some writing of the porny variety, drinking, hanging out with [ profile] wordplay__ as she vids for me and... you get the idea.

I'll hopefully get a chance to squeeze some podfic recording in there too, I haven't had a chance to do any for ages. I think I might do some of my own before going back to my other two massive ongoing Podfic projects.

Also? I'd love it if people had more questions. Go on, hit me!
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So I finally went to bed at 5.45am, and had to be up at 9.30.

I feel wrecked as wrecked as wrecked. Coffee is my friend.

Possible mood spoilers for 3.16? I guess? )

[ profile] simplybeing is doing her 'Least Favourite Episode' poll again, which eventually will determine everyone's favourite episode from S3. Y'all should go vote, here.

This weekend is going to be all about starting my final Big Bang edits, wallowing, alcohol and CHOCOLATE.

I am not intending on getting out of my pyjamas for quite some time today. Sloth is GOOD.
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It is FREEZING here now. Apparently Autumn wasn't necessary and we have skipped it and gone straight to bloody WINTER.

Have had a rather nice weekend. Spent yesterday afternoon putting together my recs post for [ profile] spnroundtable and then chatting on Skype with [ profile] rei_c and [ profile] veronamay, which was INSANE amounts of fun.

Then today, I spent the entire day betaing two OUTSTANDING Big Bang fics, which has, of course made me feel COMPLETELY inadequate about my own. *facepalms into eternity*
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Aw, no-one's wanting to play?

Come on, I'm sure SOMEONE has a bad storyfinders type request in them...

In other news, as of Monday I have no job. For reasons I really don't want to go into, my contract is not being renewed and if another suitable contract doesn't come up, it's back to the drawing board. At the moment, I'm looking for jobs and have a meeting with the consultant manager tomorrow to see if there are any opportunities coming up.

However, I am trying not to get down about this, because as of today there are only 21 sleeps till I see the girls in Sydney. And THAT is worth celebrating.

Also, I think I am writing again. I was listening to Burn by The Cure yesterday (from The Crow soundtrack) and I now have an AU of that movie all plotted and ready to go. [ profile] veronamay is a terrible enabler, and sat with me on Skype while I watched the movie last night and flailed/threw ideas at me/helped me beat the plot into submission/laughed maniacally. I hope I might be able to get some words down today.
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I've been wanting to post this all week, but I sat on it. Now I am home (YAY) I've decided to bite the bullet.

My unpopular opinion. Let me show you it. )


Jan. 21st, 2008 12:25 pm
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So [ profile] cathybites asked me the question "Why do you love Bottom!Sam/Bottom!Jared so much?"

And the answer got kinda long. So for anyone who's interested?

Standard disclaimer: My opinion only, YMMV yadda yadda yadda. This isn't intended to push my ideas on anyone, it's just merely my reasons (outlined for Cathy) for why I am so rabid in my fic preferences (both writing and reading). Also, please note it has nothing to do with which boy I like more, because as most of you know, that switches on a daily basis. Bibro all the way, and bi-J2 (if that's a term, of course. If not, it is NOW) all the way as well.

Diatribe on my preferences in SPN/RPS fic )
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Stolen from someone on the flist (my brain is full of holes, I swear)

What do you think are the "trademarks" of the fiction that I write? What type of themes or characterization notes or quirks keep on manifesting? Essentially, what do you think is a stereotypically me way of writing fic?

Had a very late night last night, mostly as a result from squeeing with Sel for around four and a half hours on the phone. Watching Fresh Blood and The Berrisford Agenda and wibbling took up around half of it. The rest was story ideas and discussion, fandom politics, wank and so forth. SO. MUCH. FUN.

I'm all crampy today, and not feeling like doing much of anything except reading (just finished fleshflutter's latest HOLY FUCKING SHIT) and feeling sorry for myself. *g*


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