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Okay, so [ profile] spasticat asked for Merlin/Dean on a drabble prompt and this is what came out. Much more than a drabble, which surprised me. It's mostly Merlin/Arthur with Wincesty undertones, really. Excuse the incredibly lame title, I was coming up a complete blank. Also, unbetaed.

Title: So a Hunter and a Warlock Walk Into a Bar...
Pairings: Merlin/Dean Winchester, past Merlin/Arthur, implied past Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 820
Spoilers: Supernatural 5x22
Summary: Merlin's been alone for centuries when he meets someone in a dive bar in North America who reminds Merlin far too much of Arthur.

So a Hunter and a Warlock Walk Into a Bar... )
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I don't even know where this came from. WTF, brain?

Jo/Faith )
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As I'm avoiding my [ profile] reel_spn fic like woah, I thought I would clean this one up and post it. Maybe getting rid of the 1247547474848 fics languishing away on my hard drive will help me stop procrastinating.

Title: The Special Ones
Author: [ profile] nu_breed
Pairing: Peter/Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Word count: 356
Summary: It's different when Dean's there.
Notes: Set in the same 'verse as In a State, More You Understand and Share of Bitterness.

The Special Ones )
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Can I just preface this by saying... I have flu. My brain is not right.

Title: Weight of It All
Fandom: Supernatural/Friday Night Lights
Pairing: Demon!Sam/Matt Saracen
Wordcount: 513
A/N: Crack. But not the funny kind of crack. Unbetaed. Spoilers for SPN 2x14 and general FNL S1 spoilers.

SPN/FNL Crossover Ficlet: Weight Of It All - Demon!Sam/Matt Saracen - R )
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Title: Share of Bitterness
Author: [ profile] nu_breed
Pairing: Peter/Sam
Rating: R
Word count: 479
Summary: Peter wants to be saved.
Spoilers: Heroes 1x11
Notes: Set in the same 'verse as In A State and More You Understand.
For [ profile] coolwhipdiva who wanted Sam and Peter with snow. My enormous gratitude to [ profile] enoughoflove for betaing as always. ::smooch::

Share Of Bitterness )
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So I don't know where this came from, but apparently this pairing ate my brain.

Title: More You Understand
Author: [ profile] nu_breed
Pairing: Sam/Peter
Rating: R
Word count: 397
Summary: Sam wants to remember.
Notes: Set in the same 'verse as In A State.

More You Understand )
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Title: In A State
Author: [ profile] nu_breed
Pairing: Sam/Peter
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2459
Summary: Pretty boys who have powers are really quite Emo.
Notes: All a work of fiction, nothing real about it. Thanks to [ profile] enoughoflove who is the rockingest beta ever. Title by Unkle.
Warning: Minor Character Death
Crossposted to [ profile] sn_crossovers and [ profile] heroes_slash

In A State )


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