Title: Animal Instinct
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Word Count: 5737
Disclaimer: All made up.
Warnings: Bondage, D/s.
Notes: For [ profile] blindfold_spn for the prompt: It's an open secret among the staff that Mr. Padalecki goes through assistants so quickly because once he "convinces" them to let him have them - in his en-suite, over his desk, while sitting in his ergonomic chair - Jared gets bored and wants them gone. None of the remaining assistants in the pool want to have anything to do with him, but Jared needs an assistant - Jensen is an outside hire, and he is much more then Jared expects or can handle.

Animal Instinct )

OMG fic

Aug. 14th, 2009 05:15 pm
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[ profile] thenyxie and I have been working on this fic for MONTHS in chat, and yay, it is finally finished.

Almost 10K of pure unadulterated porn. Jared/Jensen/Misha threesome porn, but really, at the end of the day, it is all about the J2.

All In and Double Up.

I can't believe I am posting actual, finished fic. MAN.


May. 10th, 2009 06:38 pm
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RL is still insane. I am waiting to hear back about a permanent job, and although my temp agency loves me, I only worked 3.5 days last week. Some stability would be nice. Le sigh.

Anyhoo, I have been writing a little and it is good to be back on the horse, albeit tentatively and very, very slowly.

Here be the first four drabbles from the prompts I asked for a couple of weeks ago (Six still to come)

Jared/Jensen, First kiss, for winterweathered )

Sam/Dean, Dean gets Sam drunk for the first time, for ninhursag )

J2, dirty porn, for wendy )

J2, hookers or hooker/john, for without_me )
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Okay, so today is the day of dear [ profile] veronamay's birth, and in a fit of insanity, I decided that not only was I going to write her a fic for her birthday, but I would offer her drabbles/ficlets of her choice.

Some of them became a little longer than I anticipated. OOPS.

This all arose from a rare fandom/pairing discussion, so am linking all the fics/ficlets here as I don't wish to spam my flist with stories in fandoms that many of you may not even be interested in.

Full headers with warnings etc. on each fic post.

CWRPS AU: Candy Everybody Wants (Chad/Chris) - NC-17
House of Wax: It's Under My Skin But Out of My Hands (Nick/Carly) – R
One Tree Hill: The Beginning is the End is the Beginning (Lucas/Nathan ) - R
SPN RPS: Lose Myself (Jensen/Jared) – R
Ten Inch Hero: The Strangest Thing (Jen/Priestly) – PG
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Fic title: This Is How It Feels
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2500
Summary: Jensen obsesses while Jared's away.
Warnings: Minor breathplay, slight d/s elements
Notes: This is probably the most self-indulgent thing I've ever written and all Jared's fault. Shameless porn written for [ profile] veronamay after she and I had fits over the pictures of Jared at the Scream Awards. Thanks to [ profile] acostilow and [ profile] sloane_m for inspirational images, and to [ profile] twofourteen for the quickfire beta.

This Is How It Feels )
Oh my God, I have not written these two in FOREVER. It's good to be baaaaack.

Fic title: Here to the Left of You
Pairing/s: Jared/Jensen, Jared/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11,150
Summary: Jensen moves in, and things get really complicated.
Notes: This was supposed to be a ficlet about Jared and Jensen living together, and it turned into somewhat of a monster. Undying thanks to [ profile] veronamay for the beta and braintwin-enabling, and to all the people who acted as cheerleaders.

Here to the Left of You )
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So obsessed with J2 right now it isn't even FUNNY, and [ profile] veronamay is not helping matters.

I'm doing some research for the current fic I'm writing, looking at classy bars in Vancouver and this is the conversation we end up having (posted with her permission):

Mmmmmm J2 )
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Title: Lose Myself
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: R
Summary: Jared likes champagne and VIP rooms. Jensen mostly just likes Jared.
Word Count: 882
Warnings: Drug use.
Notes: A while back, [ profile] veronamay and I discussed a very similar scenario, and since it's her birthday, she gets pretty things like this. Thanks to Linds for whipping my punctuation into shape. ♥

Lose Myself )
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I had a whole heap of fun yesterday. I took the afternoon off work, and spent it porning on IM with [ profile] thenyxie. I have not done that in FOREVER, and yeah it was SO MUCH FUN.

Also, this is the dirtiest thing I have ever had a hand in writing (SO DIRTY OMG). I blame her, she is a bad influence.

TOTAL PWP. No nutritional value whatsoever and do heed the warnings.

Tell Me All the Things That I Wanna Hear.
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This is new for me, playing in someone else's sandpit.

Fic title: Bulletproof... I Wish I Was
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1258
Summary: Jensen has things to do.
Notes: [ profile] thenyxie asked me for a Jensen POV to accompany her amazing AU But Then My Homework Was Never Quite Like This where Jensen is Jared's high school physics teacher. If you haven't read it yet? HOMG, what are you waiting for? This is set during Part Four, but has spoilers for Part Six, so do read that first. Thanks to [ profile] cormallen for the beta.

Bulletproof... I Wish I Was )
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Looks like I will be staggering the drabble requests due to a HIDEOUS week at work and my brain not wanting to do anything remotely thinky when I get home.

However, I did manage the first two, which is no mean feat at the moment ;)

for geeklite: J2, twilight )

for lemmealone: Sam/Dean, honey )
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2028 words
As requested [ profile] lemmealone

Try Not to Breathe

Six months later )
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Title: Trouble Is
Author: [ profile] nu_breed
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Prostitution. Druguse.
Pairings: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Chris Kane with cameos galore.
Word Count: 21, 643
Disclaimer: Yeah, this definitely never happened.
Notes: This is a sequel to Maybe This which [ profile] enoughoflove and myself wrote for SPN Big Bang, and this won't make much sense without it.
Summary: Jared's given up his old life and moved in with Jensen, and things have changed. But the more things change, the more they stay the same, and this sure as hell isn't a fairy tale.

[ profile] plutogirl10 asked for "CHRISTIAN KANE PLS, ANY PAIRING WITH CHRISTIAN KANE ZOMG." for her birthday and well, this grew into something much more than that, but I hope it suffices. Happy Belated Birthday, hon.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Fic Soundtrack and Acknowledgements
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[ profile] saturn92103 was lucky enough to attend Chicago and has an AMAZINGLY detailed con report here.

I feel like I can't even breathe I love them so much.

Does that make me sound crazy? I. DON'T CARE.
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From a con report at CW Source:

Jared broke into Jensen's session with a question from an anonymous source: "How do you respond to allegations that my character, Sam is better-looking, smarter, taller, younger and just better?" "You have to ride shotgun," Jensen shot back.


Jensen came back on stage wearing a Jared t-shirt. "I have never been more attracted to your torso, Jensen," Jared said.


More here.

edit: OMG I would pay ANYTHING to hear them talking in their real accents like it says they did. KERIST.
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Maybe This by [ profile] nu_breed and [ profile] enoughoflove
For [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang
Artwork by [ profile] lost_witness
Video Trailer by [ profile] wordplay__, her LJ post is here.
Warning: Drug Use.

Thanks to [ profile] buffyspazz for the beta and to [ profile] veronamay for betaing and for audiencing/cheerleading/handholding every step of the way. Also, huge thanks to our amazing artists for creating work that goes so perfectly with our vision for this story.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Additional Notes and Playlist

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Title: I'll Take You On
Pairing: Jensen/Jared.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jensen likes tequila, tattoos and Jared. Possibly in that order.
Word Count: 1116
Disclaimer: Never happened.
A/N: [ profile] veronamay wanted tattoo!porn and, well, I can never say no to Sel. Thanks to Frances for the beta. This is shameless, clichéd PWP and nothing else, kids.

I'll Take You On )
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Title: Try Not To Breathe
Fandom: SPN RPS
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jensen always crushes on straight boys. Jared always flirts. Jensen thinks too much. Jared doesn’t really think at all.
Word Count: 6650
Spoilers: All Hell Breaks Loose Part One.
Notes: Jensen made it so very easy this week with his schmoopy Jared comments and his ability to be intelligent and funny and a complete hotass and his breaking my heart in 2.21 and all that. Ginormous thanks to [ profile] veronamay who cracked her beta whip severely and made this a hundred times better. Title from REM.

Try Not To Breathe )


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