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So I just got home from seeing Friday the 13th.

No plot spoilers, but if you consider extremely positive rambling a spoiler, please skip.

Giant-sized Jared )

They also showed the trailer for MBV - 3D. Can't wait! \o/


Feb. 12th, 2009 07:04 am
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It is JARED DAY TODAY, I can hardly contain my excitement OMG.

Work is going to DRAG today, I just know it.

But... but... JARED DAY! :D
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Haiiiiii thar Jayred. Yes, please to be coming to New Zealand to shoot for 10 months. We would be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally happy to have you.


Jan. 24th, 2008 04:22 pm
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A couple of days ago, I made a very well-thought-out metaish post answering [ profile] cathybites on why I like bottom!Jared. It was full of justifications and examples and personal canon views and...

Really, when it comes to the end of the day?

This is why. Because I am shallow.

Shot courtesy of BabyBlueSteel, by way of [ profile] missyjack
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Okay, if you haven't been across to [ profile] lemmealone's Post of Jensen Lurve then what are you waiting for? I love that boy like pie and sometimes it needs to be said. *nods firmly*

I love both of those boys so very much and sometimes, they help to get me through a tough week.

[ profile] jamesinboots was talking about her reasons for adoring Jared (with pretty pictures, GUH) here, so I'm posting what I said in comments over there, and if anyone else wants to tell me why they love Jared? Feel free.

Let's just have a ginormous Jsquared lovin' week, shall we? Those boys are deserving of it.

Some of the reasons I love Jayred Tristan Padalecki, by Yvette, aged five and a half:

*He did a motherfucking audition where he owned that character like it was written for him. He was SAM from the get-go and we've seen it and that is pure , unadulterated talent right there.

*He has a smile that could light up an entire city.

*He loves his girlfriend and his Jensen and his friends and his dogs so much and they love him right back.

*He has an incredible, and I do mean INCREDIBLE body, but he admits he has body issues. That makes me want to cuddle him.

*He's so open, in a way that's rare for a celebrity. What you see is pretty much what you get.

*Thinking about his dogs being put-down got him to the place he needed to be in to film the final scene in Heart. And it got JENSEN there, too. That breaks me more than I can even explain.

*He is, perhaps the biggest Jensen fan in the world: surprise visits, standing ovations, gushing. Yep, nobody's a bigger fan of that boy than him.

*Sometimes he's so fucking beautiful that I can hardly bear to look at him.

*Sam. Fucking. Winchester. That is all.


Aug. 27th, 2007 11:19 pm
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So I'm feeling much better, thanks to you lovely people for the well wishes.

Had a very nice weekend in Auckland and got to see Sir Ian in King Lear, which I still can't even really speak about it was so phenomenal. But yes, lovely weekend and unfortunately back to work tomorrow.

Was lovely to come home to blooper reels and hot-as-hell Jared at the TCA's. And only fifteen days till DVD's \o/ (though of course, theoretically not as they won't get here for a week or so after that, but STILL...)
That also means only sixteen days till the play opens. EEEEEEEEEEEEEK.

There's still a few references that haven't been guessed over here.

I want to do that five celebrities you'd shag meme, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.

So how are all of y'all?
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Gee, Jared. Thanks. I've only been out of bed for an hour and already you've finished me.
Do you think you could maybe not be so fucking hot just for a little bit and like maybe give me a chance to recover? And perhaps not make me act like a fricking twelve year old for like five minutes? No? Well, okay then.

Jared on the set of Playthings )
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I have spent the morning watching Rory/Dean fanvids and seriously, Jared is the best kisser ever in the entire history of the world. EVER.

And I really, really have to stop watching the kissing scene in Provenance now, because it may be bordering on obsession.
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I braved 2.01 and 2.02.

I haven't cried like this over a show since Buffy and A:TS. There were noises.

Oh, Daddy. Jeff really is a phenomenal actor. Like there was any doubt of that, pfft! And Dean is so broken. Jensen is amazing.

But no-one broke me as much as Sam did. Holy crap. Stop making me cry, Sam! I can't even think right now. Gah, love him. Love them all.

And as a side note, I don't think I could ever watch Jared being hurt on-screen again after watching his death scene in House of Wax tonight. It made me ill. And sad.

So dead.

Nov. 14th, 2006 11:10 pm
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I need to step away from this...

But I Just. Can't. )


Nov. 14th, 2006 10:51 pm
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Nothing to say here. Except oh my god, look at his hips. And tummy.

Yep. I'll just be in the corner over here being shallow.


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