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So, I know I’ve been absent a lot lately. Things have been rather hectic here, but after today I can relax somewhat.

See, I made the decision a few weeks ago, that I was going to move down to Wellington to be with my darling girl, [ profile] vileseagulls. The last couple of weeks have involved applications and interviews and more interviews for the two jobs that I had applied for that I REALLY wanted.

Well, on Monday I had my final interview for one of the positions and I just found out I got it! So in a month (give or take a couple of days) I will be packing up and moving to start my new life with my new career and my partner.

I’m on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Scared, excited, sad and happy and not at all ready, yet also COMPLETELY ready.

Just… wow.

On another note… now that this is somewhat sorted, I really need to make some headway on that BigBang fic ;)
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Off to spend the weekend with my girl. Love you all and talk soon. :)
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So, Valentine’s Day.

Most years’ it’s been a non-event. This year is different.

Firstly, I received a lovely card and a heart-shaped box of chocolates from [ profile] enoughoflove yesterday. Thank you again, sweetie, it was so unexpected and so, so sweet! *hugs*

Then today, I received some absolutely beautiful flowers from my girl, delivered to work, with a card that made me all weepy and giddy. She also made an absolutely adorable and gorgeous post that made me again weepy and giddy and then when I got home, there was an incredibly cute card, filled with all kinds of lovely words that also made me… guess what? And two sleeps till I see her. That really is a wonderful gift to be getting. :)

I’d like to wish all of YOU a wonderful day today/tomorrow, full of friends and loved ones and glee. You are all utterly fabulous.
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Okay, so I have been utterly crap at updating recently.

The show started last night and it went okay, apart from minor dramas at the beginning.

The stage manager told us we were rained out and so the performance was cancelled (It's an outdoor production of Merchant of Venice) and so we all fucked off to one of the castmember's places to drink.

We'd been there ten minutes and we got a text from our director saying "The show is back on. Apologies." Gah. Seriously. We were all very riled up, but it actually made for a great show because the energy levels were so high.

In other news, my darling girl is coming to visit me on FRIDAY. OMG. Total spur of the moment decision, mainly due to the fact that we have been missing each other like fucking crazy and decided that six weeks was far too long and that it would probably kill us. So five sleeps. God, I can't wait.

Now I need to go write my quota for the fabulous AU that [ profile] enoughoflove and I are writing for Big Bang. We've actually got almost 8300 words down, which is AWESOME.

Oh, and Born Under A Bad Sign? I still don't have words. Suffice to say that Jared owned it and I adore him so, so much. Hot like fiyah, baby.
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So, yeah, I've been pretty quiet lately except for posting probably way too many memes *g*.

Work has been hectic and the play opens this Saturday so I've been spending many hours rehearsing.

Cut for writerly ramblings )

In other news, I am dead tired today. This is totally my own fault for instigating impromptu long-distance telephone calls that last till 2am. Oh well, no regrets there. :)

Valentine's in nine days. This is the first Valentine's I have been excited about/invested in, in a very long time. And more so than I was then, anyway. I can’t wait.

Yes, it's true. I am a hopeless, hopeless romantic.

And how are you all today?
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So I joined the gym on Tuesday, went in yesterday to put my program together and today was my first ‘official’ work-out day.

My instructor has me starting off slow. 4-6 days. 3 days of cardio and a very short weights/abs programme and a further 1-2 days of cardio only. I chatted with her about the fact that last time I was so strict and so full-on with my exercise/diet that I lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, but then ended up throwing in the towel because I got bored.

This time it’s going to be gradual and I will try to be sensible with my eating, but I have to acknowledge the fact that I do enjoy eating out and do enjoy the odd drink.

However, I’m limiting alcohol to the weekends and special occasions so last night was my first night without a stress-relieving glass of chardonnay after work. Breaking routine is HARD. Especially when you’re a lush like me.

However, this morning, after working out and having a good breakfast (my days of a cheese scone and a coffee for breakfast are over!) I feel fantastic. Heaps of energy and looking forward to the day.

I’m so pleased with my decision. And [ profile] anasuede? Thank you so much for inspiring me. I am indebted to you :)

Also, thanks as always to [ profile] vileseagulls who is now super-fit thanks to walking for miles finding flats. I need to keep up with my fit, younger girlfriend now!
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I just had the most amazing weekend, ever. And no, it has nothing to do with the Jsquared weekend of lurve that apparently I missed while in Wellington.

I wouldn’t know anything about that, because I spent the entire weekend with [ profile] vileseagulls, aka The Woman I Love.

Cut for shameless gushing )
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Off to Wellington in three and a half hours and I still have to pack. So I think it's about time I log off and actually DO IT.

See you all next week, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy SPN, I won't be seeing it till next week, but I am not at all dismayed. Because I am looking forward to this weekend with every fiber of my being. More on that when I get back :)

*hugs and kisses*


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