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Had a lovely time with my BFF, eating and drinking and generally having a fantabulous time. Am quite glad to have the house back to F and I, though, as I have missed writing and y'all very much. Also I have cramps from hell and am feeling horribly hormonal, so having my space back is vital to everyone's happiness *g*.

I hope you are all doing fabulously <3


Feb. 9th, 2011 09:25 pm
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Worked tonight from 4pm till 8pm. I could get used to those hours, I think. It's rather lovely to have the whole day to do stuff and then go to work and still be home at a reasonable hour. I was $40 short of getting my commission tonight, though. BOO.

Think I will have a drink and then throw myself into writing.

Hope you are all doing fabulously. <3
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Thank you to everyone who has sent me v-gifts this morning. You are all lovely and wonderful and snowflake cookies are love.


In other news, F and I firmed up our US itinerary yesterday. SO EXCITING.

And only 12 days till my Mummy gets here for the holidays! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

And now, off to work. Why do Mondays have to exist :(


Nov. 28th, 2009 07:32 am
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I am supposed to be going to Stereosonic today, but I have conjunctivitis in both eyes. A) It's highly contagious and B) The last thing I feel like doing is going to a festival with thousands of people in 35+ degree temperatures. I am very bummed about this, as I have been looking forward to this for MONTHS. :(

In other news, I have 8 Google Wave invites for anyone that wants one. PM me if you're interested. :)


Sep. 19th, 2009 06:56 am
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Seriously, three weeks of stress and now we finally have both a landline and broadband. I was almost starting to believe it would never happen!

And YAY our furniture arrives today. Well, one order out of two, anyway. We have been using foldout chairs for the last three weeks, and my patience for that has been waning SIGNIFICANTLY. Yay couch! And cabinets! And table and chairs!

Haven't watched last night's episode yet, as I was falling asleep when i got home last night, but we have that, plus Sons of Anarchy, and 1287361279361987319 other shows (Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Fringe and many others) downloaded to watch when Frances gets up.

The weather has been INSANELY hot this week. Man, this is Spring? I am dreading Summer. I think the next purchase should be fans for the lounge and bedroom.

In other news, I have decided to participate in The Fall Fandom Free-for-All. For some reason I am WAY more inspired to write this season (based on last week's episode, anyway). Probably a lot to do with being settled and what have you, but also the Sam/Dean angst is pushing all my buttons, and I managed to sit down and write 500 words last weekend. That may not seem like much, but for me? It's definitely an improvement.

Oh and my thread is here, if anyone is so inclined :)

It's so good to be back! *hugs flist*


Sep. 8th, 2009 02:24 pm
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Just a quick note to thank everyine for the lovely birthday messages, posts, e-cards, v-gifts etc.

My internet is STILL not working, some issue with the cabling, and so I am really restricted as to when I can get online. Once it is fixed, I will do a proper post thanking you all in the manner you deserve.

I miss you all. I feel so out of the loop, and I haven't even been able to join in the VanCon squee, watch ANY of the footage or look at the pretty pictures. Not to mention seeing/joining in your excitement over 5x01. Most depressing.

Hopefully see you all soon.



Sep. 2nd, 2009 07:04 pm
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F and I are settled into our lovely new place, but we still have no phone or (more importantly) Internet. It is kinda driving me NUTS.

The technician is coming on Saturday, so that will make it a week without proper Internet. I have to admit, not being able to join in the vancon squee makes me very sad indeed.

Thank God for the iPhone, or I would be even more behind/removed.

So if I owe you email or comments, please forgive me, and hopefully I will be in touch soon.

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Jan. 22nd, 2009 07:15 am
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FOURTEEN pages of Big Bang signups already? O.o

June is going to be a VERY busy month. Wow.

In me news, I am going to sit down and attempt to force myself to write this weekend. I could not for the life of me write current canon SPN, but I do have a very long pre-series/season one fic that is sitting languishing, and I have a few J2 ideas, so... we'll see.

I finally paid for my extra userpics (they'd run out in December), and I see this as a sign as me being invested in fandom again, after my sabbatical. I think I just needed a break. :)

Work continues to be horrible, but knowing I am working for money to move to Sydney in April? That makes it all better somehow.

So how are y'all? I would like to take this opportunity to smish each and every one of you

Not dead

Dec. 30th, 2008 07:03 am
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Man, it's amazing how easy it is to fall out of the habit of posting. I have been so quiet lately, and honestly I'm surprised there haven't been mass defriendings as I could easily win the Worst LJ Friend award.

Still completely blocked, writingwise. A lot of that is the fact I am enjoying spending lots of time with my girl though, and being all domestic is not exactly conducive to being inspired to stare at a computer screen for hours on end. I'm not worried about it, either, so we'll see what happens when hiatus is over.

Holiday was absolutely lovely, though far too short. I was back at work yesterday, and have two more days of work before my second four-day weekend. Getting up is VERY hard in the mornings at the moment.

Thanks to those of you who sent lovely cards ([ profile] missyjack and [ profile] dontyouwaitup) and v-gifts ([ profile] deirdre_c and [ profile] thenyxie) and e-cards ([ profile] mickeym). I also got some lovely presents from [ profile] lemmealone and [ profile] veronamay, who spoil me way more than I deserve.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and I promise I will try to post more frequently, and not be such a crappy friend.


Nov. 9th, 2008 10:08 am
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Two days of my motherfucking right eye twitching. It is driving me NUTS. *points to icon*

I just did a recs post over at [ profile] spn_themes which was a hell of a lot of fun putting together. I concentrated on fics with angels and demons in them, and if that's your bag? Feel free to go here and check 'em out. Hopefully there'll be some you haven't read yet.

Speaking of angels and demons and whatnot, I am currently writing a little Sam in hell fic. I am rather pleased, as my SPN muse has been somewhat broken lately.

Work continues to suck, which is why I have been so incommunicado lately. I am so sorry I have been so incredibly slack.
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Three. Days. OMG.

I am in an exceptionally good mood today because I have managed to sleep almost straight through, two nights in a row. I bought this valerian root/5-HTP combo and that seems to be working perfectly. Thank GOD. Insomnia does not a happy Yvette make.

Do you know what does a happy Yvette make, though? THREE DAYS TILL WINCHESTERS.

Also happymaking for me is h/c. I loooooove h/c and the wonderful [ profile] tvm is running one of her fantabulous comment memes here.

I wroted some Sam/Dean for it here, and am dying for someone to tackle my J2 prompt here.



Aug. 31st, 2008 11:34 pm
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So the last couple of weeks, I've been hit with a spate of insomnia, worse than I have ever had. We're talking HOURS of lying in bed staring at the ceiling and PRAYING for sleep.

But the worst thing is, it seems to be selective. Why is it that I've slept normally the last couple of nights, and as soon as it gets to Sunday, the insomnia rears its ugly head, again?


Have had a fairly relaxed weekend. Spent most of it mainlining the end of S1 and S2 SPN in preparation for the S3 discs arriving (hopefully) at the end of this week. We finished tonight's viewing with Nightshifter. Guh. Both boys are so INSANELY pretty in that episode it kills me.

Actually, S2 was when I came into the fandom, and was also when I realised I had placed my flag firmly in the bi-bro camp. I fell for Sam hard at the start of S2 (having easily fallen for Dean at the start of S1, old Jensen fangirl that I am). I really do believe that Sam sold his soul to the CRD around about 2x05 in exchange for mindnumbing, eyeblinding prettiness, which just got more and more noticeable in EVERY episode. I like not knowing where to look, why choose when they are both so incredible? ;)

I am DYING for S4, but in the meantime, revisiting S2 is making me very, very happy.

In other news, I have started my remix. Barely started, but started nonetheless. YAY.
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Finally feeling a lot better, hopefully in the next couple of days all my bugs will be gone and I will be all healthy again.

I just wanted to thank all of you who left such lovely comments for me over on [ profile] wendy's post of lurve. I really needed to hear those things, given the slump I've been in since I got sick and it meant so much that a simple thank you feels like it isn't enough. But thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

In a fit of insanity, I signed up for Remix this year. I'd always said I wasn't going to do it, because... well it just seemed like SUCH a challenge, and that's precisely the reason I decided to do it this year. I feel like I'm ready for it, and I'm thrilled with my assignment. I know exactly which story I am remixing, and I really hope it works because the author is FABULOUS.

Once Remix is done, I'll be back into the epic Wincest fic I was working on prior to getting sick. It's sitting at around 13K now.

And... that's me.


PS: [ profile] lemmealone has fallen for Friday Night Lights. This makes me sooooooo HAPPY. \o/
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Long time, no update.

I had a stress nightmare about my Big Bang last night. WTF, brain? I can honestly say I have never had bad dreams about fic before. Though a few weeks ago, Dean offered to help me make my master post look pretty, but that's ANOTHER story...

Of course I'm having stupid dreams, though. I've been having HORRENDOUSLY long and busy weeks at work and working till 8pm most nights, so it's bound to infect my brain.

And I have to devote tonight to betaing Big Bang fics, so of COURSE I get hit with two bloody fic ideas on the way home that I want to write NOWNOWNOW.


But HOMG, the S4 premiere is on my birthday this year! That's a cause for celebration if there ever was one.
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I has a job!

Only temping and I'm only earning half what I was on before, but OMG it's still A JOB.


*goes back to editing Big Bang and staring at the Padalecki*
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Aw, no-one's wanting to play?

Come on, I'm sure SOMEONE has a bad storyfinders type request in them...

In other news, as of Monday I have no job. For reasons I really don't want to go into, my contract is not being renewed and if another suitable contract doesn't come up, it's back to the drawing board. At the moment, I'm looking for jobs and have a meeting with the consultant manager tomorrow to see if there are any opportunities coming up.

However, I am trying not to get down about this, because as of today there are only 21 sleeps till I see the girls in Sydney. And THAT is worth celebrating.

Also, I think I am writing again. I was listening to Burn by The Cure yesterday (from The Crow soundtrack) and I now have an AU of that movie all plotted and ready to go. [ profile] veronamay is a terrible enabler, and sat with me on Skype while I watched the movie last night and flailed/threw ideas at me/helped me beat the plot into submission/laughed maniacally. I hope I might be able to get some words down today.
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Have been at a BBQ at a friend's house today since 4pm and only just got home. I've eaten FAR too much food, drunk about six or seven beers and had about eight jelly (jello) shots. They were so strong and I am insanely drunk.

I caught a cab home, but Frances is going out clubbing. I was responsible because I have writing to do tomorrow and I knew I would slack off if I didn't come home till like two or three a.m.

But now I am going stir-crazy because no-one is online, GAH.

Why am I still drinking right now? I may be COMPLETELY INSANE.
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We have Labour Day on Monday, so long weekend, yay!

It's a gorgeous day out today. F and I have a BBQ/Party to go to in a few hours, which should be lovely. It's a get together for a bunch of the actors I hung out with during Titus and will be lovely to see them.

Tomorrow and Monday I will be spending as much time as possible working on my Jsquared AU, which is now about halfway done and sitting around the 14,300 word mark, making it the longest solo fic that I've ever written.

Will be attempting to catch up with Heroes today and possibly Pushing Daisies if we have time:

Just a coupla things I noticed on rewatching Supernatural - 3x03 )
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I'm getting a cold. A fucking cold. And it's opening night, tonight.


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All I seem to talk about lately is random RL crap. Oh well...

So it's just over a week till the play opens *gnaws fingers*. I'm so looking forward to it, but really nervous too as it's the first time in a long time that I've had such a major role and there is a lot more responsibility when you're a lead and have 15512563366 lines to learn as well as being on stage for 2/3 of the play!

I'm kinda glad that the play is on when it is because it will finish just a few weeks before S3 SPN premieres and then I'll be all freed up to be fannish again and maybe even do some writing, shock, horror!

F and I went to see Opshop play on Saturday night. Seriously amazing. Jason Kerrison's voice is incredible live and the band is so tight and... yes. They did all the tracks off their two albums that I wanted them to, plus some awesome covers : Smashing Pumpkins' 'Rhinocerous', Seal's 'Killer', 'Tainted Love' and 'Message In a Bottle' which was... gah. Well, y'all can see/hear for yourself below, it's a bit slow at the start, but oh man, the middle to end section of the song is so amazing.

And also of note is this clip of Jason singing their beautiful single 'Maybe' live and acoustic at some promotional dinner thingy. The song starts at 1.20 in. His voice gives me goosebumps.

Maybe )


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