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I am SO SICK of being sick/sore/whatever. Bleh.

In other news, I am totally and utterly blown away by The Vampire Diaries castmembers I saw/met on the weekend.

Especially Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. Such gorgeous, engaging men and I am completely besotted with them both.

Also? They are so like J2 circa 2006 it blows me away:


Jul. 2nd, 2010 09:21 pm
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So in less than 12 hours, I will be making my way to this.

I am now starting to freak out. I tend to find actors 1000 times more attractive in person than I do on screen. Ian and Paul and Nina and Michael Trevino in one place. I am in TROUBLE.

Deep breaths.


May. 2nd, 2010 05:42 pm
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SPN and TVD were both gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide this week. LOVELOVELOVE.

And related to both my shows which have hot brothers who are COMPLETELY gay for each other? You should all go read this post:

8 Reasons Sam/Dean fans should watch The Vampire Diaries

I would like to add that I have NEVER seen a show where the slash leaps off the screen like this one does. It's INSANE.

Coupled with SPN, which was INCREDIBLY slashy this week? It makes me completely satisfied on a weekly basis.

But anyway, go read [ profile] silviakundera's post. She says it way better than me!

And now I need to go finish this damn TVD fic before I get Jossed again.


Apr. 12th, 2010 07:47 am
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Oh. My. GOD.

Anyone who is watching TVD and shipping Damon/Stefan needs to see this amazing fanvid.

Tainted Love by [ profile] rea_silvia.

There haven't been many fanvids made yet, and hardly any of them have been slashy, but this one more than makes up for it.

Fantastic editing, great songchoice and yeah, I am completely blown away. Just... GUH.

Edit: OMG grammarfail. I blame this video for KILLING MY BRAINCELLS.
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Sel did that meme that's been going around and said one of the people she wanted to do it was Damon Salvatore.

How could I resist?

Spoilers for last night's TVD, a little 'cesty )

Catching up

Nov. 1st, 2009 08:55 pm
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White Collar 1x01 )

TVD 1x07 )

SPN 5x07 )
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Okay, so I have way too much time on my hands apparently (even though I don't!) and have decided to run/code etc. the newsletter for The Vampire Diaries fandom.

It's going to be weekly, but I've just spent the last few days coding all the fannish activity up till last Saturday for the bumper first edition, and after many hours of tearing my hair out, it is now live!

Please, if you have any interest in TVD, go join and also please pimp out to anyone you think may be interested. The SPN newsletter is such a wonderful fandom tool, and I'm really hoping that this will be one too.

[ profile] tvdnewsletter

Go! Join! Pimp!
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I woke up to the news that TVD has been picked up for a full season. I am a very happy camper. Tired, but happy.

It was pretty much a no-brainer that it was going to get picked up, though, given it's been the highest rating show on The CW, but as [ profile] jamesinboots pointed out, Dawn Ostroff turned it down in the first place, and had to be pressured by The WB to pick it up, so who knows?

Now, as I have picked up a bunch of new people recently, I thought it was a fortuitous time to do this:

The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.

And as seen on [ profile] jamesinboots

My top 5 SPN episodes per season )
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So if anyone missed it, I posted fic last night.

Unfortunately, most of my flist will not be interested in reading it ;)

However, if any of you have been watching The Vampire Diaries and are appreciating the hotness that is Damon/Stefan and their not-at-all-obvious incestuous vampireness, you might want to check out the community that [ profile] thenyxie and I are co-modding: [ profile] salvatoreslash.

On the agenda for today is a rewatch of TVD and SPN (OMG SO FUCKING AMAZING ASKJDHKLASDJLAKJDSKLA), and catching up on Glee and Dollhouse. I may also attempt to finish the Dean/Jared pwp so I can write the Sam/Lucifer fic that is ruminating.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand it's a gorgeous day outside. Happy Saturday/Sunday people!
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So as some of you may know, I have fallen absolutely headfirst in love/lust/whatever with The Vampire Diaries.

I was not expecting to love the show as much as I do, and okay, most of it is cheesy and high-schooly and what-have-you, but somehow that all pales in the face of the INSANE amounts of chemistry and UST and repression and possessiveness and the tragic lovebackstory that is Damon/Stefan.

cut for screencaps )

Anyway... this is all my long-winded way of flailing over the fic that Crystal has written, Let Me Steal This Moment From You Now. This is EXACTLY the Stefan/Damon fic I have been dying for: backstory, Damon being all evil and pushing the boundaries into almost dub-con (but not), and showcasing his possessiveness and that at the end of the day he is doing everything he does for Stefan. It's so damn hot, my eyelashes sweat and anyone who is remotely interested in the pairing needs to go read it. There is sadly very little TVD fic so far, so I'm hoping that more people jump on the bandwagon.

Another incest pairing. I should be ashamed of myself.



Sep. 20th, 2009 04:34 pm
I am WRITING. Dean/Jared fic for the lovely [ profile] thehighwaywoman for the Fall Fandom Free-for-all, and it is going REALLY WELL. It is so lovely to feel confident about writing again, it has been far too long.

My shows - some spoilers for SPN, SOA, Melrose and The Vampire Diaries )


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